Manage Your Chronic Condition

Need to learn more about living with a chronic condition?

If you have recently been diagnosed or are living with a chronic health condition, you may be facing new obstacles managing your daily life. You may feel as though the onset of a chronic condition means you need to completely re-engineer your life. If you have an engaged and active life or a full-time job, you may feel afraid that you have to completely give up on your lifestyle and reduce your quality of life based on this new diagnosis.
Seniors attend a group exercise class
Fortunately, you are not alone. Many people have been in this situation and have found ways to adjust to their condition without having to completely move away from the things they love to do. That’s why we offer Living Well Workshops—which some people like to call chronic disease self-management education.

Workshops that help you live your best life—no matter your challenges

These classes help people with chronic health conditions learn to manage their symptoms and the multitude of changes the condition brings into their lives. Plus, they are “evidence-based,” which means they are proven to make a difference in the health outcomes of participants.

What can I expect as a participant?

You will learn techniques that help with managing medication, healthy eating, depression, how to evaluate new treatments, and communicating with your family and healthcare team. You will learn to manage symptoms such as pain, fatigue, and frustration that are a part of the chronic condition. You will learn about decision making, short-term goal setting, problem-solving, and action planning.

You can expect:

  • Improved physical activity,
  • Improved socialization,
  • Reduction in health-related mental stress,
  • Improved communication with your doctors, and
  • A more positive outlook on your life!

Want to sign up for a Living Well Workshop?

Contact Empowerline if are interested in attending a workshop, would like to host a workshop, or would like to request a workshop in your area.

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