Meet James and Henry

Raising his son, Henry, has been the most fulfilling experience of James’ life. Henry, however, requires special medical attention and supports.

James knows he is less able to support Henry now that he is older and is starting to wonder how Henry will access the support he needs to continue living a full life with a disability.

James was starting to worry about finding a long-term solution for Henry’s care. Since contacting empowerline, James has accessed invaluable resources for persons with disabilities in Georgia. With our help, he’s been able to create a plan for Henry’s care both today and tomorrow.

Me, we, tomorrow worksheet

Being a caregiver can be tough.

Between meeting your needs, your loved one needs, and juggling daily tasks with future planning, sometimes important to-dos can go overlooked.

We’ve answered to these challenges with a framework to simplify the complex. You can use this worksheet to clearly define priorities, identify dependencies, and move toward a brighter future for you and your loved one.

We designed a worksheet for you.

Eligibility, costs, and process

Once you’ve found the solutions that are right for you, we can answer all your questions about next steps and payment options.

Connecting you to essential services and resources.

Help three ways

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