Meet Chuck

Chuck and his friends have played pool together every Friday for the past 25 years. After a recent diagnosis from his doctor, Chuck isn’t sure how living with a chronic condition will change his life, or if the games can continue.

There’s a lot of information about his disease online, but Chuck wasn’t sure where he could learn how to both manage his health and maintain his lifestyle. Since contacting Empowerline™, Chuck has learned how to navigate the healthcare system and found several support groups and classes that have kept him from ending up behind the eightball.

Condition management checklist

You just left the doctor’s office with news you may of been anticipating but have tried to ignore.

While the doctor was able to provide a bit of education about your diagnosis, you may have left the office with lingering questions.

Now what?

We designed a checklist for you.

Man Seeking Support from Significant Other

Addiction Help

Need Assistance at Home?

Home Delivered Meals

Housing Blueprint and tools

Housing for Persons with a Disability

Flag flying

Georgia Voting 101

Coordinating Care for Adults with Disabilities

Bathtub handle

Personal Care

iron and ironing board

Homemaker Services

Man holding ball

Learn About Your Chronic Condition

Woman helps man with a physical therapy ball

Resources for Dementia, Including Alzheimer’s Disease

Person signing a document

Protect Your Rights

Assistive Technology and Emergency Response

Two people meeting to write in calendar and take notes

Long-term Services & Supports Planning

collection of tools

Home Modifications and Repair

Older man reads the newspaper in his kitchen

Advance Directives

Manage your Medication

Desk scene with coffee, pill box, calendar, and hospital discharge papers

Medicare, Medicaid, and Health Insurance

Manage Your Chronic Condition

Man writes check on table

Financial Help

Housing options for older people

Transportation Options

Nutrition Options

Eligibility, costs, and process

Once you’ve found the solutions that are right for you, we can answer all your questions about next steps and payment options.

Navigating life changes and surprise obstacles.

Help three ways

Your needs come first. How can we help you? Call now, open a chat window, or leave a message for us to contact you later.

Help three ways

Your needs come first. How can we help you? Call now, open a chat window, or leave a message for us to contact you later.

Looking for the latest guidance on the Covid-19 virus?

The CDC has created this video: “Covid019: What Older Adults Need to Know.”  You can also read CDC’s full list of pandemic-related recommendations.

If you are looking to connect with resources and services for older persons and individuals and disabilities in metro Atlanta, please contact us at or 404-463-3333.