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These last few months have been challenging, dark, and uncertain for many persons due to the global pandemic that is COVID-19. As some states flatten the curve, others have struggled to keep their number of cases down. The one thing that still holds true amidst the chaos is the urgency to address the needs of the older population.

The Thanks Mom and Dad Fund© keeps this need as their utmost priority. This charity was created to honor our loved ones– our parents, grandparents, and mentors, by supporting programs and services for the aging population. Through ongoing fundraising and grantmaking, Thanks Mom and Dad has become a lifeline and huge support system for many older adults over the years.

As a non-governmental charity, Thanks Mom and Dad provided immediate and flexible support to organizations serving older people to meet individual needs. A total of $15,000 was allotted to the Atlanta Regional Commission for older persons who have been directly impacted by the virus. Persons in need were quickly identified through calls to ARC’s empowerline counselors and coaches who work in the community with persons experiencing challenges and in need of information and services. Within days of ARC receiving the Thanks Mom and Dad funds, groceries were delivered along with medical, cleaning and incontinence supplies. Since then the Atlanta Regional Commission has been able to help many persons isolated in their homes in additional ways including, assistance with utility bills, home cleaning , wheelchair repairs, distributing meals and grocery boxes and providing assistive technology that helps persons remain independent and/or connected to others.

One client was able to safely maintain his healthcare activities and avoid feelings of self-isolation due to a computer tablet he received through the pNew Tablet Resting on Chair By Walking Canerogram. His letter of appreciation stated, “The Fusion 5 tablet arrived via Priority Mail at my home on Sunday. Love it. I seem to be The POSTER -Boy for needed services. I just received information that my PTSD/Depressions individual therapy sessions and my mens’ support group sessions from Grady Mental Health Services will be now scheduled via ZOOM sessions. This new Tablet offers me the opportunity to take part in much needed services.  A Life-Line of sorts! Thank all of you for your concerns, support and just for being there for me. A Georgia Senior.”


Another client, Mrs. C, age 79, was assisted with groceries after surgeries that kept her homebound. Within the last year, she has undergone several surgeries including stoma and spinal surgery. She needed assistance with meals post-op but was placed on a waiting list for Meals on Wheels. Her therapist through WellStar connected her with an empowerline counselor and ARC was able to deliver a one month- supply of groceries to sustain her through recovery. “I just cried. I could not believe how much food they brought. It was a one-time delivery, but a tremendous amount of groceries for me. They picked everything out. I still have meals and that was almost three weeks ago,” Mrs. C reported.

ARC is grateful to the Thanks Mom and Dad Fund for the relief their funds have provided. If you or someone you know need any help or assistance, contact empowerline or call (404)463-3333 to speak to a counselor.

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Looking for the latest guidance on the Covid-19 virus?

The CDC has created this video: “Covid019: What Older Adults Need to Know.”  You can also read CDC’s full list of pandemic-related recommendations.

If you are looking to connect with resources and services for older persons and individuals and disabilities in metro Atlanta, please contact us at or 404-463-3333.