How-To: Watch a Heart-Healthy Cooking Demo on Facebook Live!

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February is American Health Month! While February is almost over, it is never too late to take small steps towards improved heart health.

  1. Get outside to stroll around your neighborhood, walk the dog, or play with your children or grandchildren
  2. Advocate for regular physical activity in your school systems
  3. Make a pledge to take the stairs instead of the elevator this month
  4. Consider making small changes to your diet – like using spices instead of salt to season your food

This week of American Health Month focuses on #OurHearts Online. On Tuesday, February 26th, 2019, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) will be hosting a heart-healthy cooking demo on Facebook Live through their account: @hearttruth.

You may wonder, “What is Facebook Live?”

Facebook Live is like a mix between video-calling a friend and watching live TV. In this case, NHLBI will be filming themselves cooking and the viewers (that’s you!) can leave comments and reactions in real time. Sound interesting? If you already have a Facebook account, all you must do is visit The Heart Truth page or the video link at 12 pm on Tuesday, February 26th, 2019!

Anyone can go live!

Did you know: if you want to, YOU can even “go live” on Facebook. If you open Facebook to the home page, you will see a box asking, “What’s on your mind?” Right below this box is a little button with a photo of a video camera that says “Live” or “Live Video”.

But be warned: if you click this button, then everyone you are friends with will be able to watch the video that you’re recording in real time!

If you’d rather just video chat with a friend or family member, go to their Facebook page and click “Message”. A private message box will pop up. You can privately chat here online or click the video or phone button to talk with them privately!

Love watching videos on Facebook?

Facebook Watch is free TV on command. Simply go to to see a wide variety of engaging content!

If you’re looking for ongoing support to improve your heart health, consider booking a speaker for your organization, free of charge. We have speakers on a variety of topics including health or lifestyle-related concerns. You can also explore empowerline to learn more about managing a chronic condition.

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