Meet Maria

Maria has many memories in the home she owned with her husband. Since he passed away, it’s become more difficult for her to keep up with the heating bills, clean the house, and keep up with grocery shopping and cooking for herself.

Maria doesn’t want to give her home up and isn’t even sure she can afford to find a new living space. Since contacting empowerline, she’s connected with in-home services and supports that have adapted her home and arranged for services to meet her new needs, and has educated herself on alternative options for affordable housing and care.

Home heat map worksheet

Home means so many things to you. Family and fond memories may come immediately to mind. However, as you age, you may need to adapt your space to meet new needs. 

We designed a worksheet for you.

Eligibility, costs, and process

Once you’ve found the solutions that are right for you, we can answer all your questions about next steps and payment options.

Live a quality life on your own terms.

Help three ways

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