Meet Mary

Mary has just retired. After leaving a fast-paced career, she’s suddenly discovered a lot of time on her hands. She lives independently but isn’t able to drive and doesn’t want to stop attending her physical fitness class and events in her faith community.

Mary is looking for ways to stay sharp, socialize, and continue to move around town with ease. Plus she has a strong desire to give back to her community and continue to find purpose in her life.

Since contacting empowerline, Mary has discovered a wealth of volunteer opportunities, found ways to maintain her health and wellness, made several new friends, and knows exactly how she’s going to connect to each of her destinations.

Paths to purpose and participation worksheet

Welcome to your life’s next chapter! You may be wondering—How might I fill my days now that I’m retired? Get inspired by taking an inside look at how Mary has swapped coffee runs for yoga class and paperwork for peace-of-mind.

We designed a worksheet for you.

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Advance Directives

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Medicare, Medicaid, and Health Insurance

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